Konstancin-Jeziorna- a 19th-century small town performing functions of health spa, 23000 inhabitants. It is located about 20 km south of downtown Warsaw and 20 km from airport.

Nestled in a pine forest, filled with lots of lovely, old villas and small palaces. This town has a charming feel that is hard to resist.Through this lowland spa town, flows the small Jeziorka River and in the vicinity there are three wooded areas: Since 1980, the biggest attraction in town has been the brine graduation tower, which was built in the middle of the Spa Park. The open-air inhalatorium has a positive influence on the immune and nervous systems.

Flowing down the fascine, the evaporating brine produces an exceptional microclimate, which helps compensate for deficits in microelements in the organism.

Konstancin-Jeziorna is also a rehabilitation centre and an elegant residential area inhabited by the rich and famous artists, writers, doctors, lawyers and politics . The town has an interesting collection of historic villas and new built mansions. Shopping center is in a restored 19th-century mill and it is the home of the American School of Warsaw. There are a number of good lunch stops, ice cream shops and candy stores in town.

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