Nałęczów is a small Spa & wellness town of approximately 4000 inhabitants, located in the Lubelskie Voivodship, 25 km from Lublin. It is situated picturesquely within the Kazimierz Landscape Park at the river fork and is surrounded by a dense system of abundantly green loess valleys. Due to its beneficial microclimate and the mineral water sources, Nałęczów has long been a Spa and health resort offering the ultimate conditions for rehabilitation, recovery, relaxation and active forms of leisure. This garden-like small town regularly attracts also visitors in search of beautiful scenery and an unspoiled environment. There are many eye-catching examples of architecture for you to enjoy in Nałęczów, all adding the attractiveness of this town. The real centre of this town is extensive and charming Spa park with lake, and large variety of different tree types. There are both historical and modern sanatoriums. The town’s main avenues are flanked by numerous old trees and painstakingly renovated wooden villas and other residences, many of which are of architectural interest. Since the 19th century, Nałęczów has been a favourite place to visit and to work in for several famous Polish writers and artists.

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