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  • Konstancin-Zdrój Health Resort

    RehabilitationCity: Konstancin-JeziornaKonstancin-Zdrój Health Resort is a unique place located in the district of Piaseczno, less than 20 km from the center of Warsaw, about 16 km from the Frederic Chopin airport. There are one of very few pools fed directly from a natural brine source, extracted from own intake, from a depth of 1,750 m. They provide comprehensive services of rehabilitation of locomotor system, neurological and cardiac rehabilitation. Read more
  • Werandki Diagnostic and Physiotherapy Centres

    RehabilitationCity: Nałęczów“Werandki” is one of the most modern Diagnostic and Physiotherapy Center in Poland located in the spa complex in Nałęczów. The innovativeness of the cardiovascular rehabilitation technology and the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system offered in “Werandki” is an extraordinary chance for patients to regain their health and fitness. Read more
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