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  • Eva Park Life & SPA – Konstancin Hydrotherapy Center

    SPACity: Konstancin-JeziornaIn the immediate neighborhood of graduation tower, in the heart of Spa Park in beautiful Konstancin-Jeziorna just 20 km from the center of Warsaw, about 16 km from the Frederic Chopin airport there was created a unique haven of peace. Read more
  • Palace Therms Wellness & SPA in Nałęczów

    SPACity: NałęczówTradition of Nałęczów dates back to the second half of the 18th century, when the Malachowski family began to make use of therapeutic properties of the waters from the Nałęczów intakes. In 1817, Jan Celiński, an apothecary of the crown, examined these intakes, comparing them to other well-known SPA waters. Read more
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