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Welcome to ARS MEDICA
Ars Medica is a clinic for medical aesthetics that was established in 2003 for people who take care of their appearance and are particular about looking beautiful. That is why we do our best to meet our clients highest expectations. We are constantly improving and extending our offer to suit our clients needs in the field of medical aesthetics. We offer products by renowned companies and modern technologies which are recognized both worldwide and in Poland.
In Ars Medica - The Clinic for General Surgery and Medical Aesthetic we follow a number of rules:
  • We employ the best general and plastic surgeons in Lublin.
  • We perform surgeries in a way that is the least painful and most comfortable for our clients.
  • We establish a comfortable and trustworthy relationship and make sure the client feels safe during surgeries.
  • We help our patients to regain self confidence, restore energy and joy in their life.
It is vital for us to establish a trustworthy relationship with our patients which is based on respect. We treat every person and problem individually. Our patients comfort and confidence in us is the most important thing. That is why, we try to reduce their stress and answer all of their questions and resolve all doubts which they may have before the surgery. Our clinic offers modern and proven solutions concerning medical aesthetic. We cooperate with professional doctors with many years of experience who are passionate about their job.
We have surgical and laser procedures on offer. We have treatments that rejuvenate and beautify the skin. Our specialists perform procedures in the field of wrinkle removal by means of diverse methods. Their effectiveness is unquestionable and long lasting. Our patients regain self confidence and joy in their life when the treatment is over.
Clinic equipment:
  • Quadro Star 8W/30W - a dual-bend laser produced by Asclepion. It represents the gold standard for vascular treatments thanks to it's special wavelength (532nm/940nm) which guarantees it's effectiveness.
  • Fractional C02 laser - it is mainly used to correct skin problems like scars, stretch marks and discolourations. The result is firmer, smoother and younger skin of face and cleavage. Fractional CO2 laser treatment is an ablative procedure in which a laser vaporizes the uppermost layer of the skin. It's an ideal method of treatment for people who want to achieve the best results avoiding a long treatment.
  • Mole Analyzer Program - an advanced system used to do skin cancer screenings through analyzing moles.
  • Diode laser LightSheer Duet produced by Lumenis - a laser which is used for hair removal. The system has two configurations. The first one (LightSheer ET) is used to remove hair from difficult areas, whereas the second one (LightSheer HS) allows to remove hair without pain, fast and with long-lasting effects from big areas such as back, chest and legs. The laser's superior protection is achieved through contact cooling. There is no risk of burns. It is equipped with a sapphire-cooled handpiece of the diode laser system called ChillTip.
  • Cryotherapy system - a device used for vascular treatment.


Iwona Talarczyk MD

I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. I specialize in internal diseases and I graduated from post-graduate studies at the Medical University of Warsaw, where I studied Aesthetic Medicine. To develop my knowledge and improve my skills I regularly participate in numerous training courses and congresses organized both internationally […]

Doctor’s surgery of Iwona Talarczyk Md

Iwona Talarczyk Md You are given a warm welcome at my modern surgery which is surrounded by a beautiful garden. It is located in Koczargi Stare near to Warsaw. When I meet my patients I begin every visit making an assessment of my patient’s skin condition, creating a treatment plan and giving additional advice concerning […]


A wonderful opportunity to spend romantic moments with your loved one. Surrounded by beautiful nature and architecture. Romantic places that allow you to dip yourself in another world. Unforgettable times of relaxation and regeneration will help you keep enjoying each other’s presence.   3 nights in Palace Therms in Nałęczów   Room facilities:   air conditioning […]

Intensive Treatment

A healing stay in Konstancin Jeziorna is a good choice for people who want to improve their general physical condition, mobility, alleviate pain with intensive physiotherapy and relax at the same time, all of which is possible due to the microclimate of Tężnia Solankowa and Park Zdrojowy. In this package we offer: 7 nights stay […]

Senior’s Health

A healing stay in Konstancin Jeziorna is a good choice for senior people who want to improve their general physical condition, mobility or alleviate pain with intensive physiotherapy or just relax using the microclimate of Tężnia Solankowa and Park Zdrojowy at the same time. In this package we offer:   7 nights stay in EVA […]

Extended Weekend for Him

An ideal offer for men who take care of their body and likes to look good. A specially selected set of treatments guaranteed to exhilarate an energise the body and soul. Treatments tailored especially for men will ensure oxygenation, smoothing and revitalization of the skin so you feel and look your very best. In this […]

Heaven on Earth

A few days of massages, cosmetic treatments for your enjoyment and pleasure. The wonderful and indulgent treatment for body and soul. In this package we offer:   6 nights in EVA Park Life&SPA in Konstancin Jeziorna   Room facilities: telephone air conditioning refrigerator heating minibar flat-screen TV wake-up service wardrobe or closet free WiFi In […]

Extended Weekend for Her

A perfect luxury pamper weekend to bring out the goddess in you.Especially for women who treat their body like a temple. We will help you to achieve total relaxation with our aromatic, relaxing massages and facial treatments. In this package we offer:   3 nights in EVA Park Life&SPA in Konstancin Jeziorna   Room facilities: […]

New Look at Orthopedics

A rehabilitation package with a Spa treatment included. This package is especially for people who experience joint pains, musculoskeletal disorders and body injuries. There are also a great number of qualified medical specialists to assist and assess pre and post surgical knee, shoulder or hip operations. In the package we offer: 6 nights in Palace […]

New Look at Your Spine

A rehabilitation package with a Spa treatment included. This package is especially for people with overload syndrome, pain, people with degenerative changes of the spine and leading a sedentary lifestyle. In the package we offer:   6 nights in Palace Therms in Nałęczów   Room facilities: air conditioning tv lcd telephone heating wake-up service wardrobe […]

Price list

Upper lip25 €
Chin25 €
Sideburns25 €
Eyebrows25 €
Cheeks25 €
Ears25 €
Neck25 €
Nape25 €
Back52 €
Chest52 €
Around nipples25 €
Armpit52 €
Arms52 €
Forearms52 €
Hands25 €
Stomach52 €
White line25 €
Buttocks52 €
Bikini shallow/deep25-52 €
Around the anus25 €
Thighs52 €
Calves52 €
Skin mark (mole, cones), callus and other skin growthsfrom 27€
Common warts (warts) (one)from 27€
Other skin growths (depends on location, size and amount)13-80 €
Single blood vessel on face27 €
heeks: blood vessels, erythema, rosacea94 €
Nose54 €
Face107 €
Cleavage107 €
Torso134 €
Blood vessels on legs134 €
Face54 €
Neck54 €
Cleavage54 €
Face, neck, cleavage134 €
Face (ActiveFX or ActiveFX+DeepFX)268 €
Neck98-215 €
Cleavage98-215 €
Cheeks: blood vessels, erythema, rosacea98-215 €
Eye area (upper + lower eyelid)134 €
Forehead98-161 €
Hands134 €
Face + neck322 €
Face + neck + cleavage402 €
Single scar, discolorationfrom 27 €
Stretch marksfrom 134 €
Forehead wrinkles121 €
Interstitial wrinkles (lines)121 €
Whole forehead215 €
Eyes - (crow’s feet)121 €
two areas215 €
three areas295 €
Diaphoresis (armpits)402 €
Diaphoresis (hands)402 €
Diaphoresis (feet)402 €
Nasolabial foldsfrom 215 €
Lips - enlarging, modeling, firmingfrom 215 €
Raising the corners of the mouthfrom 107 €
Reconstruction the volume of the cheeksfrom 215 €
Hyaluronic threadsfrom 215 €
Reconstruction the volume of the handfrom 215 €
Wrinkles (puppets)from 215 €
Mesotherapy (Juvederm Hydrate)134 €
Light Eyes Ultra (elimination of swelling around the eyelids and dark circles under the eyes)67 €
Face volumetryfrom 215 €
VOLITE – revitalization and brightening of the skin349 €
Face lift 4 threads per side483 €
Face lift 5 threads per side537 €
Eyebrow lift537 €
Chin lifting429 €
PDO threads - First Lift (revitalization) 25pcs combined with mesotherapy161 €
Consultation27 €
Surgical procedure for excision of a stigma, atheroma, lipoma (in the procedure price, bandage change and removal of stitches)107 €
Warts80 €
Tattoo removal268 €
Excision of yellow tufts (yellows) from the eyelids (upper and / or lower)161 €
Ingrown toenail94 €
Lower limb varicose veins surgery429 €
Varicose veins met. Barron80 €
Phimosis268 €

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