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About us

Beauty Dental Clinic was created with demanding patients in mind; patients who wish to use dental services of the highest level.

The top-of-the-range dental equipment in the clinic enables us to perform even the most complicated treatments.

The treatments at our clinic are above all marked by professionalism and responsibility.

The doctors working in our clinic continuously develop their knowledge and skills with a desire to provide our patients with dental treatment of the highest quality.

We provide you with both thorough diagnostics and a full range of dental treatment in all dental disciplines.

Clinic’s equipment:

  • Unit ADEC 500 – one of the most modern dental units. Its design allows the entire set to be rotated by 270 degrees, so that the doctor can adjust the chair in order to perform the treatment in the most efficient way and provide the patient with comfortable conditions.
  • Shaker for fillings Silver Mix 90 – The device is used to mix dental components
  • Diode laser Master Lase of Kavo – The innovative Kavo device provides painless and comfortable treatment thanks to the new diode lasers
  • Device for ozone therapy Ozonytron – The generator doses ozone excatly into the place of application. Thanks to this solution, the treatments are painless and completely comfortable for the patient.
  • A lamp for office whitening Beyond – Presented whitening lamp by Beyond allows for much faster (in comparison to other standard systems) teeth whitening
  • Implant device – physiodispenser W&H Implantmed – The convenience of use for the surgeon and patient is one of the basic features of Implantmed. This device provides the ability to work for a long time without fatigue and overloading the doctor’s hand
  • Biostimulating laser Gala CTL – A device that combines all the advantages in one device. The radiation generated by the laser allows you to perform effective percutaneous, surface, non-invasive and non-chemical therapeutic treatments.
  • Device for removing scale and sediment – We use 2 devices: Ultrasound generator Satalec Acteon P-5 Newtron XS and EMS Air Flow Piezon (No pain).
  • Device for anesthesia Quicksleeper S4 – painless, computer-controlled system of anesthesia. The use of QuickSleeper greatly reduces pain in the patient, at the same time reducing his stress and time of surgery.
  • Auctus dental loupes by Seliga – these devices are designed for continuous, demanding work where it is necessary to enlarge the treatment area precisely
  • Device for mixing silicone masses Pentamix – Pentamix mixes and dispenses a homogeneous, bubble-free mass, guaranteeing a high accuracy impression
  • Device for the machine widening of channels Endo Motor Wave One – The device is used for root canal treatment
  • Endometer VDW Raypex 5 – A device supporting root canal treatment by means of which the channel is measured to determine the correct working length of the instrument.
  • Device for rinsing root canals Rins Endo – RinsEndo is a fully automatic device that allows disinfection of dental canals by rinsing them during endodontic treatment


Iwona Talarczyk MD

I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. I specialize in internal diseases and I graduated from post-graduate studies at the Medical University of Warsaw, where I studied Aesthetic Medicine. To develop my knowledge and improve my skills I regularly participate in numerous training courses and congresses organized both internationally […]

Doctor’s surgery of Iwona Talarczyk Md

Iwona Talarczyk Md You are given a warm welcome at my modern surgery which is surrounded by a beautiful garden. It is located in Koczargi Stare near to Warsaw. When I meet my patients I begin every visit making an assessment of my patient’s skin condition, creating a treatment plan and giving additional advice concerning […]


A wonderful opportunity to spend romantic moments with your loved one. Surrounded by beautiful nature and architecture. Romantic places that allow you to dip yourself in another world. Unforgettable times of relaxation and regeneration will help you keep enjoying each other’s presence.   3 nights in Palace Therms in Nałęczów   Room facilities:   air conditioning […]

Ars Medica

Welcome to ARS MEDICA Ars Medica is a clinic for medical aesthetics that was established in 2003 for people who take care of their appearance and are particular about looking beautiful. That is why we do our best to meet our clients highest expectations. We are constantly improving and extending our offer to suit our […]

Intensive Treatment

A healing stay in Konstancin Jeziorna is a good choice for people who want to improve their general physical condition, mobility, alleviate pain with intensive physiotherapy and relax at the same time, all of which is possible due to the microclimate of Tężnia Solankowa and Park Zdrojowy. In this package we offer: 7 nights stay […]

Senior’s Health

A healing stay in Konstancin Jeziorna is a good choice for senior people who want to improve their general physical condition, mobility or alleviate pain with intensive physiotherapy or just relax using the microclimate of Tężnia Solankowa and Park Zdrojowy at the same time. In this package we offer:   7 nights stay in EVA […]

Extended Weekend for Him

An ideal offer for men who take care of their body and likes to look good. A specially selected set of treatments guaranteed to exhilarate an energise the body and soul. Treatments tailored especially for men will ensure oxygenation, smoothing and revitalization of the skin so you feel and look your very best. In this […]

Heaven on Earth

A few days of massages, cosmetic treatments for your enjoyment and pleasure. The wonderful and indulgent treatment for body and soul. In this package we offer:   6 nights in EVA Park Life&SPA in Konstancin Jeziorna   Room facilities: telephone air conditioning refrigerator heating minibar flat-screen TV wake-up service wardrobe or closet free WiFi In […]

Extended Weekend for Her

A perfect luxury pamper weekend to bring out the goddess in you.Especially for women who treat their body like a temple. We will help you to achieve total relaxation with our aromatic, relaxing massages and facial treatments. In this package we offer:   3 nights in EVA Park Life&SPA in Konstancin Jeziorna   Room facilities: […]

New Look at Orthopedics

A rehabilitation package with a Spa treatment included. This package is especially for people who experience joint pains, musculoskeletal disorders and body injuries. There are also a great number of qualified medical specialists to assist and assess pre and post surgical knee, shoulder or hip operations. In the package we offer: 6 nights in Palace […]

Price list

Overview of the oral cavity before treatment, medical check-up, documentation creationFree
Treatment planningFree
Check-up using intraoral camera (DiagnoCam)12€
RTG photo9€
Implant NeoBiotechod490€
Implant AB Dentalod550€
Implant Straumannod810€
Unveiling of the implant (healing screw)Free
NeoBiotechood abutment130€
AB Dentalod abutment140€
Straumannod abutment170€
All-ceramic crown NeoBiotechod470€
All-ceramic crown AB Dentalod520€
All-ceramic crown Straumannod610€
Porcelain crown on a metal substructure on an implant490€
Acrylic denture on the implant490€
Skeletal denture on the implant730€
Sinus lift530-810 €
GBR controlled bone regeneration270€
Implant removalFree
Stabilization of denture 2 or 4 implants1300 or 1880 €
Dolder beam on 2 or 4 implants with a denturefrom 2140 or 3220 €
Consultation (with description)27€
Movable filling-
Skeletal denture410€
Partial acrylic denture110-140 €
Total denture (toothlessness)190€
Immediate denture270€
Nylon denture540€
Acetal denture540€
Acronatic denture490€
Permanent filling-
Porcelain crown on a metal foundation (with a ceramic grade)200 €
All-ceramic crown260-410 €
Inlay/Onlay (porcelain)320-490 €
Inlay/Onlay (composite)140€
Temporary crown17-40 €
Composite crown140€
Porcelain bridge (one point)190€
Crown-root insert70€
Porcelain veneers without grinding400€
Root canal treatment - endodontics-
Root canal tooth (1-4 root canals)90-180 €
Bandage between visits19-35 €
Root canal tooth under the microscope (1-4 root canals)130-220 €
Broken tool removal94€
Canal roots streamlining (exact price on consultation)90-150 €
Treatment of perforation in the canal (using MTA)25-55 €
Re-endo root canal (mikroscope+cofferdam in price)150-240 €
Aesthetic restoration of the tooth-
Composite veneer100-170 €
Cosmetic correction of discolored tooth70€
Correction of tooth shape with a composite (each point)35-55 €
Liquidation of diastema (for two teeth)110€
Reconstruction of the front tooth80-140 €
Reconstruction of the lateral tooth110-150 €
Tooth reconstruction with a composite to the plane of the short circuit (for each tooth)35-55€
Tooth reconstruction on glass fiber120-180 €
Bite correction50-180 €
Composite adhesive bridge290€
Tooth jewelry40-90 €
Dental surgery (price without anesthesia)-
Tooth removal35-70 €
Sewing of the alveolus after extraction15€
Bandage for alveers15€
Surgical removal of retained tooth110-160 €
Cyst removal110-160 €
Plastic surgery of the frenulum25-55 €
Laser frenulum excision135€
Gum surgery (laser) shaping the gum line25-45 €
Hemisection85-125 €
Resection of the root apex55-230 €
Pocket rinsing (drug application)25€
Closed curettage45-70 €
Brushing of lesions on the mucosa (one visit)10€
Gum surgery (1 tooth)45€
Using a diode laser (space)45€
Restorative dentistry-
Local anesthesia10€
Computer anesthesia15€
Composite filling35-60 €
Short-term bandage15-30 €
Splinters for immobilizing loose teeth using fiberglass tape-
- one interdental space35€
Suppression of hypersensitivity (for each tooth)10€
Viability test10€
Stone removal and sandblasting-
Ultrasonic stone removal from whole dentition35€
Subgingival scaling55€
Sand blasting (removal of superficial discolorations)40€
Painting (Fluor Protector)30€
Scaling + Sandblasting + Polishing (package)70€
Subgingival scaling + Subgingival sanding (package)80€
Teeth whitening-
Teeth whitening (overlay method)215€
Teeth whitening SYSTEM BEYOND (laser)270€
Whitening of a dead tooth25-40 €
First visit - consultation-
Orthodontic impressions and diagnostic models20€
Schedule and present a treatment plan20€
Permanent braces-
Metal locks430€
- control visits every 4 weeks40€
Cosmetic locks (from 3 to 3 or 5 to 5) + metal530 or 670 €
- control visits every 4 weeks40-55 or 55-70 €
Damon Q locks690€
- control visits every 8 weeks95€
Damon Clear/Damon Q locks970€
- control visits every 8 weeks50-70 €
Insiginia System3 220€
Retention braces-
A visit with a retention device20€
Gluing from the side of the tongue80€
Hawley tile (acrylic retency)160€
Removable braces-
Orthodontic impressions (removable apparatus)20€
Two tabulas295€
Detachable block brace200€
- control visits every 4-6 weeks20€
D-gainer dental brace400€
- control visits20€
Treatment with Clear Aligner overlay-
Treatment of 1 or 2 dental arches270 or 405 €
Invisalign2 090€
Biostimulating laser, among others healing aft and herpetic lesions15€
Diode laser - surgical15€

Photo Gallery

Our doctors

  • PhD MD Agnieszka Krawczyk

    PhD MD Agnieszka Krawczyk graduated from Medical University of Lublin in 2002. Five years after she achieved a PhD title at the same university. In 2011 she became a specialist in the field of dental prosthetics. She gained professional experience i.a.during work in Dental Prosthetics Chair and Plant with Mastication Function Disorders Laboratory in Lublin(years 2004-2009), as well as during her practice in private dental care clinics. Read more
  • PhD MD Dorota Florczak

    I Medical Faculty with Dentistry Department of Medical University of Lublin graduate from 2011. Currently she is completing her PhD study at Dental and Maxillo-Facial X-ray Diagnostics Plant of Medical University of Lublin. She is a member of Polish Dentists Society and European Academy of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology. Read more
  • DDS Ewa Tomaszek-Paterek

    DDS Ewa Tomaszek-Paterek graduated in Faculty of Medicine in Dentistry Department from Medical University of Lublin in 2005. She gained professional experience working in private dental care clinics and Dental Care Clinic Center of Medical University of Lublin.In 2008 she started PhD study at her home university. Read more
  • DDS Agnieszka Maczulska – Puchalska

    Preventive dentistry with endodontics specialist I Medical Faculty with Dentistry Department of Medical University of Lublin graduate from 2006. In 2007-2011 PhD student at Preventive Dentistry with Endodontics Chair of Medical University of Lublin. In 2012 she gained a preventive dentistry with endodontics specialist title She has a lengthy work experience, which she owes her clinical work at Preventive Dentistry with Endodontics Chair of Medical University of Lublin where she is a scientific researcher. Read more

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