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Polish medical centers are renowned for their professionalism and cost effective treatments that they offer their customers.

We will guide you through the whole process from booking your treatments to organizing tour travel to get to your destination of choice and of course your accommodation either in one of our hand picked hotels or apartments all with your comfort in mind.

The Medical Tourism Center offers services in the areas of rehabilitation, SPA and wellness, dental service and aesthetic medicine in two Polish cities Lublin, Warsaw and surrounding centers Nałęczów and Konstancin Jeziorna.

By using Medical Tourism Center services you will combine business with pleasure.

Why use our services:
  • We deliver a high quality and efficient service. Every clinic is checked by us personally regarding the quality of services provided and its level of customer care and professionalism.
  • You can save on the cost of treatment and rehabilitation in Poland. Treatment costs on average are 40-70% lower than they are in your country. Before you decide to come you will be provided with a treatment plan along with an estimated cost. You will be able to compare it to the cost of treatment in your own country and make the decision.
  • Because we provide a medical service combined with a holiday experience. You receive treatment and relaxation at the same time. We can organize sightseeing tours or you can go it alone with your family and friends it is entirely up to you.
  • We will pick you up from the airport, bring you to your hotel or clinic, organize your stay and take you back to the airport. You can feel safe and secure knowing everything is been professionally planned for you. We understand are customers specific needs and provide quality customer service are aim is total customer satisfaction.
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  • Iwona Talarczyk MD

    Iwona Talarczyk MD I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw and I graduated from post-graduate studies Aesthetic Medicine.To develop my knowledge and improve my skills I regularly participate in numerous training courses and congresses organized both internationally and in Poland. Read more
  • PhD MD Anna Sobieszczańska

    Read more
  • MD Maciej Cićkiewicz

    MD Maciej Cićkiewicz (Orthodontist): Doctor of Medical Science Maciej Cićkiewicz is focused on orthodontic treatment. He graduated at Medical University in Warsaw. He is a member of Polish Orthodontists Association (PTO) and European Orthodontists Society (EOS). Read more
  • MD Wojciech Chludziński

    MD Wojciech Chludziński (Endodontist): During his study at Medical University in Warsaw he was active in Students Science Clubs, which resulted in PTS prize for a thesis presented at a congress. At the same time he was a Head of Students Commitee for 2 cadences (2001-2002). After graduation he gained his first work experience during postgraduate internship at Medical University in Warsaw. Read more
  • MD Bartłomiej Naskręt

    MD Bartłomiej Naskręt (Endodontist): He is a graduate of Medical University in Warsaw. It was only during his study, when he became interested in surgical microscopes and dental magnifiers. He is specialized in microscopic endodonthics and aesthetical dentistry. Read more
  • MD Maciej Wójcik

    MD Maciej Wójcik (Doctor of Medical Dentistry) : He began his adventure with dentistry with graduating at Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin in 1997. After completing a year of internship, for 10 years he was gaining priceless experience in renowned clinics in the capital: Eurodental and Villa Nova, where he became one of the best specialists in the field of implantology and implant prosthodontics. Read more
  • MD Adam Wójcik

    He graduated at Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin in 2003 as the youngest graduate to achieve a doctor of medical dentistry diploma at the age of only 23. Constant need of development led him to an internship in the USA(Nevada) in the field of aesthetical dentistry, which soon became his professional passion. Read more
  • MD Tomasz Wójcik

    MD Tomasz Wójcik (Doctor of Medical Dentistry): The first of the brothers to embark on a dental career by passing the entry exam to Pomeranian Medical University and graduating with the highest score and honours in 1996. After completing his post-graduate internship he was improving his skills by cooperating with clinics like Eurodental and Villa Nova. Read more
  • MD Eliza Pogorzelska

    She graduated at Medical University in Lublin. After graduation she completed a two-month internship in Luxembourg. She has a first grade specialization in general dentistry. She has been treating patients for 20 years. Her work was associated with Eurodental clinic for 17 years. She is focused on prosthetics and implantology. Read more
  • MD Katarzyna Subczyńska

    She is a specialist, who is focused on orthodontical treatment in Wójcik Dental Clinic. In 2004 she graduated at Medical University in Łódź. She gained her first experience in Eurodental clinic and in Orthodontical Agency of Provincial Dental Care Center in Warsaw. Read more
  • MD Rafał Dąbrowski

    Physician focused on professional endodonthic treatment using microscope in Wójcik Dental Clinic. Graduate of Medical University in Warsaw. He trained his skills under the eye of top endodontists in Poland, where he gained knowledge, experience and he broadened his workshop. He took part in numerous seminars, congresses and courses dedicated to the area, which became his passion. Read more
  • MD Zbigniew Milczarek

    Aenesthesiologist with over 25 years of experience in general and dental aenesthesiology. He has been cooperating with Wójcik brothers for many years, particularly with Maciej, taking care of comfort and safety of implantation and other surgical procedures. During sedation, which means intravenous aenesthesia, he communicates with the operating physician without words, building a harmonious team. Read more
  • PhD MD Agnieszka Krawczyk

    PhD MD Agnieszka Krawczyk graduated from Medical University of Lublin in 2002. Five years after she achieved a PhD title at the same university. In 2011 she became a specialist in the field of dental prosthetics. She gained professional experience i.a.during work in Dental Prosthetics Chair and Plant with Mastication Function Disorders Laboratory in Lublin(years 2004-2009), as well as during her practice in private dental care clinics. Read more
  • PhD MD Dorota Florczak

    I Medical Faculty with Dentistry Department of Medical University of Lublin graduate from 2011. Currently she is completing her PhD study at Dental and Maxillo-Facial X-ray Diagnostics Plant of Medical University of Lublin. She is a member of Polish Dentists Society and European Academy of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology. Read more
  • DDS Ewa Tomaszek-Paterek

    DDS Ewa Tomaszek-Paterek graduated in Faculty of Medicine in Dentistry Department from Medical University of Lublin in 2005. She gained professional experience working in private dental care clinics and Dental Care Clinic Center of Medical University of Lublin.In 2008 she started PhD study at her home university. Read more
  • DDS Agnieszka Maczulska – Puchalska

    Preventive dentistry with endodontics specialist I Medical Faculty with Dentistry Department of Medical University of Lublin graduate from 2006. In 2007-2011 PhD student at Preventive Dentistry with Endodontics Chair of Medical University of Lublin. In 2012 she gained a preventive dentistry with endodontics specialist title She has a lengthy work experience, which she owes her clinical work at Preventive Dentistry with Endodontics Chair of Medical University of Lublin where she is a scientific researcher. Read more
  • PhD MD Tomasz Bieżanek

    PhD MD Tomasz Bieżanek has been the facility manager since the beginning and due to his initiative Botanik Medical Facilities have been founded. He has graduated for Medical University of Lublin in 2005. Read more
  • PhD Justyna Pietrak

    Read more
  • PhD MD Joanna Grasza

    Read more
  • Dorota Łazuka

    Read more
  • Anna Jóźwik

    Read more
Featured Clinics
  • Doctor’s surgery of Iwona Talarczyk Md

    Aesthetic MedicineCity: WarszawaPrice from: €35You are given a warm welcome at my modern surgery which is surrounded by a beautiful garden. I invite you to medical treatments which target at skin health improvement, reduction of skin imperfections, delaying skin aging process, all of which result in a younger and healthier appearance. Read more
  • Ars Medica

    Aesthetic MedicineCity: LublinPrice from: €25Ars Medica is a clinic for medical aesthetics that was established in 2003 for people who take care of their appearance We are constantly improving and extending our offer to suit our clients needs in the field of medical aesthetics. We offer products by renowned companies and modern technologies which are recognized both worldwide and in Poland. Read more
  • Wójcik Dental Clinic

    Dental servicesCity: WarszawaPrice from: 10 €Wójcik Dental Clinic an exclusive, cosy clinic situated in the very heart of Warsaw. It was created out of passions and dreams of three brothers – stomatologists: Adam, Maciej and Tomasz Wójcik, continuing family dentistry tradition. This expectional place combine the world’s state-of-the-art technologiesand long experience of our dental surgeons. Read more
  • Eva Park Life & SPA – Konstancin Hydrotherapy Center

    SPACity: Konstancin-JeziornaIn the immediate neighborhood of graduation tower, in the heart of Spa Park in beautiful Konstancin-Jeziorna just 20 km from the center of Warsaw, about 16 km from the Frederic Chopin airport there was created a unique haven of peace. Read more
  • Botanik Medical Facilities

    Dental servicesCity: LublinPrice from: 37 €”Botanik” Medical Facilities is a newly open outpatient clinic. Our mission is to supply our patients with highest quality services in the areas of dentistry and aesthetic medicine provided by world class specialists. At Botanik we offer 100% concentration and focus on your problem. In each and every case our patients are treated in a very individualized way. Read more
  • Konstancin-Zdrój Health Resort

    RehabilitationCity: Konstancin-JeziornaKonstancin-Zdrój Health Resort is a unique place located in the district of Piaseczno, less than 20 km from the center of Warsaw, about 16 km from the Frederic Chopin airport. There are one of very few pools fed directly from a natural brine source, extracted from own intake, from a depth of 1,750 m. They provide comprehensive services of rehabilitation of locomotor system, neurological and cardiac rehabilitation. Read more
  • Palace Therms Wellness & SPA in Nałęczów

    SPACity: NałęczówTradition of Nałęczów dates back to the second half of the 18th century, when the Malachowski family began to make use of therapeutic properties of the waters from the Nałęczów intakes. In 1817, Jan Celiński, an apothecary of the crown, examined these intakes, comparing them to other well-known SPA waters. Read more
  • Beauty Dental Clinic

    Dental servicesCity: LublinPrice from: €9Beauty Dental Clinic was created with demanding patients in mind; patients who wish to use dental services of the highest level. The top-of-the-range dental equipment in the clinic enables us to perform even the most complicated treatments. The treatments at our clinic are above all marked by professionalism and responsibility. Read more
  • Werandki Diagnostic and Physiotherapy Centres

    RehabilitationCity: Nałęczów“Werandki” is one of the most modern Diagnostic and Physiotherapy Center in Poland located in the spa complex in Nałęczów. The innovativeness of the cardiovascular rehabilitation technology and the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system offered in “Werandki” is an extraordinary chance for patients to regain their health and fitness. Read more
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