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An implant is a small, usually titanium, screw that, when implanted in the jawbone, replaces the root of a tooth. On it is mounted a porcelain or ceramic crown, the shade of which we can match the shade of our natural teeth. With implants, your smile will get a beautiful shine again. The implant is placed by the doctor in the jawbone of the patient in the place of the missing tooth – in this way the root of the tooth is rebuilt. In order for the whole tooth to appear in the mouth, a prosthetic crown is attached (tightened) to the implant, and only then can we talk about restoring the missing tooth with an implant. A dental surgeon who performs implant placement has the option of both replacing single missing teeth and treating toothlessness.

All-on-4, All-on-6

All-on is the term used in implant-prosthetics to describe a full prosthetic restoration with complete edentulousness permanently placed on 4-6 implants. The implants are strategically placed in the jawbone to maximize support and stability. Patients who have lost or are in danger of losing all their teeth and can’t imagine living with a removable denture – one that is taken out of the mouth overnight or for cleaning after meals – can regain all their dentition permanently with this method. No artificial palate, no artificial effect, no need to remove the denture. These procedures are dedicated to all patients with edentulousness or with the identified need to remove all teeth in the arch. It used to be that the prerequisite for implant-prosthetics was an adequate amount of bone, which, unfortunately, especially in the jaw, disappears quickly. Nowadays, even the lack of bone in the jaw is not a problem, as it is also used with zygomatic implants.

Zygoma implant

The Zygoma implant is a revolutionary solution in the field of implant surgery, expanding the range of prosthetic options in dentistry for difficult clinical cases. When faced with jawbone conditions that are difficult or impossible for conventional implantology along with edentulousness, Zygoma zygomatic implants are the solution. They are designed for patients in whom the possibility of implant procedures in general has been questioned so far. The Zygoma implant system is popular with patients all over the world, and this is no coincidence, as it allows for full-fledged implant prosthetics in a much shorter time. The surgeon’s surgical competence and experience play a crucial role and have a key impact on the success of the treatment. Only a small group of doctors in Poland use treatment protocols with Zygoma implants.

Hollywood smile

„Hollywood smile” refers to a cosmetic dental procedure designed to achieve a bright, white and aesthetically pleasing smile, reminiscent of the flawless smiles often seen in Hollywood celebrities. The procedure usually involves a combination of teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental crowns and other treatments to improve the overall appearance of the teeth. The goal is to achieve a charming and confident smile that spreads Hollywood perfection.


A veneer in dentistry is a cosmetic procedure that involves applying a thin layer made of porcelain or composite to the front surface of a tooth. The process involves minimal tooth preparation, bonding with dental adhesive and final adjustments for a natural appearance. Veneers are popular for improving the color, shape and appearance of teeth overall aesthetics, providing a quick and effective solution for a more confident smile. Veneers are not applied to damaged, diseased teeth, or if the patient has a habit of nail biting or teeth grinding, then a dental crown is a better option.

E-MAX / Zirconium crown

Prosthetic crowns are used to restore damaged teeth when tissue loss is too great and a standard composite filling will not provide adequate strength for the remaining tooth tissue. Prosthetic crowns can be made if there is enough tissue to allow the prosthetic work to hold. E-MAX all-ceramic crowns are currently the highest quality crowns in terms of ideal aesthetics and precision. They are made entirely of porcelain without the use of a metal or zirconia substructure. Full-contour E-MAX crowns are a unique development in dentistry, making it possible to achieve perfect depth and translucency imitating a natural tooth. An additional advantage is their exceptional durability and abrasion resistance. The dental crowns are available in a variety of materials, such as porcelainor zirconium oxide. In recent years, zirconia crowns have become very popular due to their durability and aesthetic appearance. Zirconia crowns are known for their strength, longevity and natural appearance, making them a popular choice for tooth restoration. They are a metal-free solution, are resistant to corrosion and provide excellent aesthetic results Indications for crowns are restoration of damaged tooth tissues and unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance in cases where there is tooth stasis or crowding, anatomical tissue abnormalities such as discoloration, decalcification, enamel hypoplasia, drug-induced and congenital discoloration, and unsightly composite fillings.